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Tailored knowledge transfer and capacity building services in highly specialised domains through accurate, in-depth and intensive tutoring, training and consulting.

Our Story

Established in 2015, European Academy was created as a response to the noticeable information gap between the E.C. and its beneficiaries.

Due to the complexity of the E.U. funding environment and the numerous revisions of frames and rules, we have observed a lack of harmonised information in regards to existing opportunities, regulations, procedures and most importantly the contractual obligations and responsibilities that come with each grant.

Building on our direct experience within the E.C. and the E.U. funding and project environment, European Academy was established with the sole purpose of providing outstanding knowledge transfer services in highly specialised domains through the meticulous development of unique content and rigorous and in-depth training.

Our Niche

At European Academy, for years we are monitoring and mapping the available expertise in a wide spectrum of domains and we have established an exceptional pool of first class experts, who have extensive experience as Evaluators, External Auditors, Compliance Officers, Controllers and in other key roles and have contributed to the development and implementation of policies and framework programmes and the establishment of procedures, guidelines and methodologies.

As such, contrary to experience-based knowledge, which often leads to misconceptions and wrong practices, European Academy’s courses have been designed and developed from the same standpoint as the policies and blueprints of the various funding frameworks, providing participants with an in-depth understanding of the European policies, methods, procedures and mechanisms.

Our Team

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What we offer

Open Courses

Meticulously designed to provide an in-depth knowledge on European funding and policies

In-house courses

Fully customised outcome orientated training focusing on specific organisation's objectives

Training Missions

Technical Support and Capacity Building services for European Agencies and Organisations


Tailored solutions for innovators and project stakeholders in their journey from Inception to Implementation

What Our Clients Say

The course on Management and coordination of E.C. funded projects and the PM² Methodology was very well organized and covered many important issues related to project management that concern us all. I highly recommend it.

Jordan Turner

Honda Research Institute EU
I would recommend the course on Proposal writing for research and innovation projects to any professional who wants to obtain funding for their project, since it provides all the necessary information in order to write a successful proposal.

Valentina Moretti

Management Consultant, Siemens
A really constructive course and particularly well-informed trainers, who provided us with answers to all our questions. I found the workshop really useful, because it provided us with practical knowledge and enabled us to apply what we have learned during the theoretical part of the course.

Aarav Ahuja

Researcher, Maastricht University
I am very pleased with the course on Risk Management for E.C. Funded Projects that I attended. The course had a complete and clear structure, covering all the important topics and I believe that it can contribute significantly to the success of a project.

Jonas Müller

ICT System Engineer, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute
It was a great experience in all respects. We have acquired a lot of new knowledge that will be very useful both in our daily work and activities, as well as in our projects and our broader evolution as professionals. I would definitely recommend it.

Camila Martìnez

Human Resources Manager, JPO Service Center
The course on Financial administration and auditing preparation for E.C. funded projects was enlightening and helped me to get a better understanding of the subject. The interaction we had both with the other participants and the trainers was very interesting and contributed to the better consolidation of the knowledge we have gained.

Daniel Berger

Industrial Architect, Airbus

The course has been very interesting. I have managed to clarify many of the doubts I had.


Departamento Financiero y Servicios Corporativos

Speakers & Experts

European Academy was founded with the sole purpose of providing knowledge transfer services in the highly specialised domain of European policies and funding through accurate, in-depth and intensive training. As such, our trainings are only conducted by the top brass of the European funding scene. Our tutors know and understand the challenges you’re most likely to face, so they can suggest the best and most effective ways to help you overcome them. With many valuable years’ worth of diverse experience, their role is to support you on your learning journey.

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