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From identifying the appropriate funding sources and developing the grant application to monitoring the project progress and executing the exploitation strategy, our consultation services cover all needs of the projects lifecycle.

A wide range of consultation services addressing the needs of industry and academia

Either as a project partner, or as contractor, European Academy provides companies ad consortia with tailored strategic advice and project support. We offer expertise and guidance for a variety of international grants in regards to compliance and regulations, supporting our clients’ project activities throughout all project phases and delivering measurable results.

  • Identification of suitable funding opportunities
  • Consortium development
  • Eligibility and requirements monitoring
  • Grand and co-financing planning
  • Support in Proposal development
  • Proposal review
  • Support in consortium negotiations
  • Detection of potential systematic errors
  • Identification of budgetary risks and limitations
  • Project administration
  • Project progress oversight
  • Monitor of contractual obligations
  • Budget and deliverables tracking
  • Financial monitoring and reporting
  • Financial statement review
  • Eligibility and requirements monitoring
  • Audit preparation
  • Audit simulation
  • Physical presence during announced on the spot checks
  • Audit contest 
  • Dissemination plan development
  • Exploitation strategy formation
  • Network development
  • Preparation of dissemination material
  • Scientific events management & coordination



Developed by the European Commission and designed to address the specific needs, constraints and culture of EU Institutions, the PM² Methodology is the preferred methodology for the management of European funded projects. Therefore, the capacity to implement the methodology is of essence for anyone involved with publicly funded or subsidised projects. For this reason, European Academy offers PM² Alignment Services, providing all the essential knowledge and skills.


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