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European Academy was founded with the sole purpose of providing knowledge transfer in the highly specialised domain of European policies and funding through accurate, in-depth and intensive training. As such, our trainings are only conducted by Europe’s top brass on the respective domains.

Conventional experience-based knowledge, obtained by identifying patterns and through trial and error, often leads to misconceptions and wrong practices being applied repeatedly. Our point of difference is that our courses have been developed from the same standpoint as the policies and blueprints of the various funding frameworks and as such are crafted to reflect the modus operandi of the E.C.

Who will train me?

All of our courses are delivered by External Experts and Consultants of the European Commission, carefully vented to meet the criteria of both being top experts in their fields as well as being great communicators. For Open Courses, visit the page of the training you are interested in to find the speaker’s profile and short CV.

European Academy Experts & Speakers

At European Academy, we put a strong emphasis on the dissemination skills of our speakers, therefore all have been carefully selected, ensuring they meet the criteria of both being experts in their field as well as being great communicators.

We have established an exceptional pool of first class experts with a strong background within the E.C., various Executive Agencies, Public Administration, Research Institutes, Universities and the Industry, who have served as Evaluators, External Auditors, Compliance Officers, Controllers and in other key roles and have contributed to the development and implementation of policies and the establishment of procedures, guidelines and methodologies. 

They each have niche expertise within specific fields as well as holistic and broad knowledge that spans across the entire domain of their subject.

European Academy's courses

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