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Enhance your Professional Skills with European Academy’s Upcoming In-Class Courses

European Academy is excited to announce our lineup of in-class courses scheduled through the end of 2024, designed to cater to professionals seeking to enhance their skills in a dynamic, face-to-face learning environment. Scheduled in major cities across Europe and hosted in luxurious 4 or 5-star hotels, these sessions are structured to maximize personal interaction with industry-leading experts and fellow attendees, facilitating a rich exchange of ideas and fostering valuable networking opportunities.

Premier Training Opportunities

Our upcoming courses include:

Europe’s Top-Notch Trainers

Each course is led by highly experienced speakers, who have worked as External Experts and Consultants of the European Commission, carefully vented to meet the criteria of both being top professionals in their fields as well as being great communicators. Our trainers are recognized for their numerous contributions to their respective fields, including ongoing engagements with leading European research and innovation projects. Detailed information about their background and expertise is available here.

Why Choose European Academy?

At European Academy, we commit to providing an educational experience that not only imparts essential knowledge but also enriches professional and personal development. Our courses are designed to ensure participants receive practical, hands-on training that is directly applicable to their work. The setting in premium venues across Europe enhances the learning experience, making it both comfortable and conducive to absorption and creativity.

Join Us

Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your professional capabilities with our open training solutions. For a complete list of our upcoming in-class sessions and to register, please visit our Upcoming Courses page. Explore how our expert-led training can enhance your skills and benefit your career growth, as you connect with other professionals from various organisations across Europe and beyond.

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