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Financial Administration | Brussels 12-13.5.2022

Online 12-13.5.22

This time, we had the pleasure to welcome our participants in Brussels for our “Financial Administration & Auditing Preparation for E.C. Funded Projects” course. Attendees were highly involved during the course, submitting insightful questions, and sharing their thoughts and experiences. They were particularly interested in learning more about the eligibility of personnel costs, the required evidence and supporting documents and the distinction between freelancers when eligible as personnel costs and freelancers when eligible as other direct costs. Furthermore, another topic thoroughly analysed was related to Certified Financial Statements, with our expert explaining to participants when they are eligible for reimbursement, which costs to cover and how to define the EU contribution threshold. The audience has also expressed serious concerns related to fitting the budget into the challenges under the pandemic force-major time. At the same time, attendees asked a series of questions regarding the H2020 framework programme and how helpful it can be in the preparation of the HE project’s financial management, while they also wanted to get acquainted with the new HE audit type on Systems and Processes. Both participants and the tutor had a great network building. Thank you all for having such an interactive course!

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