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Financial Administration | Online 31.03.22-01.04.22

Online 31.03.22-01.04.22

Following our participants’ interests, this Financial Administration & Auditing Preparation for E.C. Funded Projects course further elaborated on calculating personnel costs in H2020 vs Horizon Europe frameworks. Our expert covered a variety of relevant questions expressed by attendees, such as how to calculate the personnel costs (hourly or daily rates respectively for H2020/HE) when the personnel is not recruited for the entire duration of the project. The group also had questions on the calculation of additional remuneration in both H2020 and Horizon Europe projects and its difference from bonuses, the involvement of Third Parties in the project work and the different types of costs that origin with them, and the declaration of freelance costs. More topics thoroughly discussed during the training included the justification of SME owners costs who are involved in the project and receive a salary, the avoidance of conflict of interests when selecting subcontractors and service contractors, and the calculation and declaration of in-kind contributions and relevant indirect costs. Always happy to have such active audiences with us!

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