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Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation Strategies in E.C. Funded Research Projects

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This course is a two days intensive training on research communication. It includes all key elements from the regulatory and contractual issues and the designing of successful communication, dissemination and exploitation strategies to putting in use in R&I projects.

​The course contains theoretical and practical approaches and step-by-step guidance along with tips and hints and it is designed to improve the skills necessary to those involved in communication and exploitation of European funded projects.

​The content of the course is developed to assist participants in planning successful dissemination campaigns with high impact; to familiarise them with the operational tools and the best engagement practices for a strong presence in social media and to provide them with all necessary skills for developing successful business cases for the outcome of R&I projects. At the end of the course, participants will be able to create thriving awareness and engagement plans and develop strategic communication networks that work.

Participants of the two days training will learn: 

  • Contractual requirements for EU funded projects

  • Important elements of a successful proposal

  • How to optimally absorb EU Funds for Impact

  • The communication obligations for EU funded projects

  • How to raise awareness for research activities and outcomes

  • How to include strong communication strategy in a project proposal

  • How to handle open access requirements

  • How to approach different audiences adequately

  • How and when to use social media

  • How to use video to communicate research

  • How to maximise the impact with limited resources

  • How to establish a communication network

  • How to build long-term relations with various stakeholders

  • How to measure Impact

Course’s Benefits & Outcomes: 

  • Improve your communication skills

  • Understand the importance of communications in research

  • Improve communication processes within your project

  • Enhance your research communication skills

  • Expand your project’s reach and enhance its impact

  • Ensure you meet the EC’s contractual obligations regarding communication & dissemination

  • Improve your dissemination model & implement successful campaigns

  • Raise the public awareness of your research activities

  • Optimally manage confidential information

  • Learn how to interpret key social media insights

  • Learn from best practice examples of our experienced speakers

  • Benefit from practical workshops and exercises

  • Receive tangible and actionable advice on your individual questions

  • Network and exchange experience with peers and possible partners from across EU

  • National Contact Points for H2020
    Project Managers
    Projects Administrators
    Account Managers
    Co-ordinators and Controllers
    Development Managers
    Directors of Research
    Researchers & Professors
    Consultants advising Beneficiaries
    Consultants and accountants working for the public sector
    Policy Advisorsr
  • From:
  • International and European Organisations
    European Agencies
    European and National Associations
    Public and Private Beneficiaries of EU Funds
    Coordinating Bodies
    National and Regional Public Authorities
    City Councils, Regional and Local Governments
    Regional Development Agencies
    National and Regional Ministries
    National and Regional Subordinate Bodies
    Research & Technology Centres
    Public and Private Research Institutes
    Higher Education Institutions & Universities
    Spin-off Companies
    Clusters and Innovation Centres
    Private Companies of all Sectors
    Associations, Foundations, Non for Profit and NGOs
    Consultants specialised in the field of EU Funding
    Business Development Agencies
    Intellectual Property and Patent Agencies
    Advisory Companies serving EU Beneficiaries

Participation fee for the 2 days training:

In-Class €1790 excl. VAT
Online €1390 excl. VAT

Training package includes:

  • Admission to the course

  • Course’s Handbook

  • Hard copies of training material 

  • Certificate on the “Impact of E.C. Funded Research” training completion

  • Certificate of attendance

  • Accreditation to Professionals Directory

  • Complimentary coffee & snack breaks

  • Complimentary networking lunch breaks 


Ms. Papathanassiou is an expert consultant in Dissemination, Communication and Science Education. She holds an MA in Communication Studies and has over 15 years of experience in working with public institutes, associations, research organisations, universities, private companies and the EC. She has provided consulting services related to the development and implementation of dissemination and communication strategies, event management, science education, stakeholder engagement and media relations for several EU-funded projects. She was a long-lasting member of the European Marine Board Communications Panel and has also worked as a Communications Consultant for IOC-UNESCO. In addition, she has served as an EC expert evaluator for H2020 proposals. Ms. Papathanassiou is currently the CEO of a company active in the communication and dissemination of EU projects, which gives her an in-depth understanding of the European Commission’s communication and dissemination framework, as she has gained enough practical experience in the subject. She has been involved in an impressive list of projects (FP6, FP7, H2020, ERASMUS+ etc) for international research, academic and governmental organisations.

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