6 Days Training Course

Innovation Management

From Idea to Market: Mastering Innovation and IP in the Digital Era


6 days, Online, May 20-22 and May 27-29, 2024

This meticulously designed course covers the essential stages of innovation management, including the development of minimum viable products (MVP), the strategic acquisition and exploitation of intellectual property (IP) rights, the rigorous process of certification for new products and services, and the valorization of research results. Participants will gain practical insights and actionable strategies to enhance their business’s competitive edge and innovation capacity.

This interactive online course equips participants with the tools and knowledge necessary to successfully manage innovation from conception to market realization. Over six days, attendees will delve into four critical areas: building and validating MVPs using lean and agile methodologies; understanding and navigating the complex landscape of IP rights; achieving necessary certifications for market compliance; and turning research outcomes into profitable ventures. Each module combines theoretical frameworks with real-world applications, facilitated through case studies, hands-on exercises, and expert-led discussions.

  • Develop and validate MVPs efficiently, minimizing costs and market risks.
  • Navigate the acquisition, management, and strategic exploitation of IP rights to maximize business value.
  • Understand and successfully manage the certification processes for new products and services, ensuring compliance with relevant standards and regulations.
  • Translate research results into market-ready products and services, while exploring avenues for valorization through partnerships and technology transfer.

Participants will leave the course with:

  • Enhanced skills in MVP development and validation, enabling faster and more cost-effective product iterations.
  • In-depth knowledge of IP rights management, equipped to safeguard and capitalize on intellectual assets.
  • The ability to navigate certification processes efficiently, ensuring products meet all regulatory demands and quality standards.
  • Strategies for turning research into viable products or services, with a clear understanding of market entry and commercialization processes.
  • Increased capability to drive innovation within their organizations, improving competitive advantage and growth prospects.

This course is ideal for:

  • SME owners and managers seeking to foster innovation within their businesses.
  • R&D managers, product developers, and innovators looking to bring new products to market.
  • IP managers and legal professionals involved in the protection and management of intellectual property.
  • Compliance and quality assurance professionals who need to understand certification processes in various industries.
  • Entrepreneurs and business strategists aiming to maximize the impact of research and development outcomes.

This course provides all the necessary tools and insights for professionals to manage innovation effectively, ensuring they are well-prepared to lead their organizations toward sustained growth and success in competitive markets.

Participation fee for the 6 days training:

Online €1770 excl. VAT

Training package includes:

Admission to the course

Course’s Handbook

Hard copies of training material 

Certificate on the “Innovation Management” training completion

Certificate of attendance

A 1-hour follow-up webinar accessible to all participants of the Seminar

Accreditation to Professionals Directory

Dr Danijela Ćirić Lalić

Dr Danijela Ciric Lalic is an accomplished lecturer, trainer, and project management expert with more than a decade of experience in managing large-scale projects, supporting project teams, and cultivating high-performing individuals. She is an Assistant Professor at the University of Novi Sad and a Visiting Professor at FEFA, Metropolitan University, where she teaches project management courses at various levels. Dr Ciric Lalic has an impressive background in EU-funded projects, particularly in capacity building, innovation, internationalisation, entrepreneurship, eLearning, curriculum development, and digital skills development. She has coordinated and participated in over 40 national and international projects, including more than 20 Erasmus/Tempus projects. Dr Ciric Lalic has also provided consultancy for various international agencies and consultancy companies and worked at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) as a Portfolio Manager. Currently, Dr Ciric Lalic is involved in four Erasmus+ projects, one Horizon Europe project, and coordinates Jean Monnet’s Module “Enhancing PM2 Skills and Competencies for EU Funded Projects”. She holds Project Management Professional (PMP) and Scrum Master certificates. Dr Ciric Lalic’s extensive experience in project management and EU-funded projects make her an ideal speaker for training courses in these areas.

Tamara Colic Milosavljevic

Tamara Colic Milosavljevic is a Research Support Officer at the University of Belgrade, focused on academia-industry collaboration and knowledge valorization. Skills and experience in the identification, legal protection and commercialization of IP gained during years of work in the Center for Technology Transfer, combined with knowledge, skills and experience in grant writing and project management, resulted in the successful implementation of different projects focused on industry-academia collaboration, commercialization of innovation and entrepreneurship.

As a European IP Helpdesk Ambassador, Ms Colic Milosavljevic assesses local IP needs, conducts IP-related training, and promotes IP Helpdesk services. Armed with a degree in International Economy and Foreign Trade from the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Economics, and a Master’s in Business Performance Management, Ms Colic Milosavljevic stands as a dynamic force driving knowledge valorization in the academic realm. She has trained and mentored individuals and teams on topics related to Innovation, IP, business opportunity assessment and commercialization, and with an international team of peers, created an open, multilingual and web-based BOSS platform designed to stimulate the ability of students, researchers and teachers to use the results of their research and to start and carry out entrepreneurial projects. Furthermore, she is an active entrepreneurial ecosystem facilitator on the local, national, and international levels, involved in pre-seed startup accelerator programs.

Dr. Nedeljko Milosavljević

Dr. Nedeljko Milosavljević is a distinguished technology transfer professional with over 10 years of experience leading the Center for Technology Transfer at the University of Belgrade. His expertise has been instrumental in addressing the challenges of technology transfer in the academic and research institutions of the Western Balkans. With a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, Dr. Milosavljević has combined academic knowledge with experience gained from institutions such as the University of Oxford, University of Ohio, University of Haifa, and Ascenion, facilitating the establishment and management of a unified technology transfer mechanism for a non-integrated university with 31 faculties and 11 institutes.

Apart from his technology transfer roles, Dr. Milosavljević is a co-founder of Dr. Knight Ltd, a start-up focused on commercializing innovative solutions from his Ph.D. research, adding valuable entrepreneurial experience to his profile. He has also contributed to the creation of a multilingual web-based platform to empower students, researchers, and teachers in utilizing their research outcomes for entrepreneurial projects. Furthermore, Dr. Milosavljević is a senior consultant for Oxentia, specializing in innovation and technology commercialization, and is recognized as an expert for the European Commission and the World Intellectual Property Organization. He is also involved in pre-seed startup accelerator programs, highlighting his commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and assisting founders in realizing their potential. Through his expertise and network, Dr. Milosavljević continues to advance technology transfer, foster academia-industry collaboration, and promote entrepreneurship in academic and research sectors.

Biljana Tošić

Biljana Tošić is a Teaching Assistant at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Organisational Sciences. She earned a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Quality Management and Standardisation and another M.Sc. in Human Resources Management. She is currently a Ph.D. Candidate at the same Faculty, working on a Ph.D. thesis titled The Significance of the Expertise in Standardisation for the Internationalisation of SMEs. To date, she has been teaching several courses: Fundamentals of Quality, Standardisation 1, Normative Regulation of Quality, Metrology with the Fundamentals of Engineering, and Accreditation and Certification. She has been a member of the organisational board of the World Standards Cooperation Academic Day (2019) and the International Cooperation for Education about Standardisation (ICES) Workshop (2019). She is currently engaged in two Horizon Europe (HE) projects – Standardization Booster for H2020 & HE Research Results – HSbooster.eu (2022-2024) and Education for Standardisation in the European Union – Edu4Standards.eu (2024-2027). She is currently a member of the European Academy for Standardisation – EURAS and the European Commission’s Standardisation Researchers Network established as a part of the AAstaRT initiative. She is also a member of the National Mirror Committee Conformity Assessment & Quality Management – KS CASCO at the Institute for Standardisation of Serbia (National Technical Committee related to ISO/CASCO, ISO/TC 176, ISO/TC 176/SC 1, ISO/TC 176/SC 2, ISO/TC 176/SC 3, ISO/TC 283, CEN/SS F20, CEN/TC 279, CEN/TC 379, CEN/TC 381, CEN/TC 389, CEN/CLC/JTC 1, and CEN/CLC/JTC 4).

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