Panel Discussion on the implementation of European Commission’s Project Management Methodology -PM² – in EU funded projects

European Academy has been invited to host a Panel for the use of PM² in EU funded projects in the frame of the PM² Alliance 2020 International Conference. We are pleased to be part of the session and for the opportunity to join more than 2000 participants in a major event for the European world of project management.

The discussion panel will be conducted online, on December 1, 2020 at 12:00-13:00 pm CET, with the participation of:

  • Mrs. Sara Dishkova (European Academy, EU Funds Financial Management Lead Training Consultant)
  • Mrs. Isane Aparicio (EIPA, Business developer Director)
  • Mr. Kostas Flokos (Upcom, Managing Director)
  • Mr. Ioanis Sagias (RTD-European Commission)

The panel will concentrate on the EU projects environment and the use of European Commission’s PM² Project Management Methodology for the coordination of multi-party project work, but also for the effective reporting and smooth communication with the Project Officers of the European Commission.

Don’t miss this great talk, register today for free to participate in this year’s gathering of the European association of Project Managers here

Special thanks to Hilton Brussels Grand Place for hosting us once again, it’s always a pleasure working with you!

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