PM² Methodology | Online 12-13.09.22

The online session of our PM² Project Management Methodology for EU-Funded Projects course between 12 and 13 September has just been completed. Through a hands-on learning approach, our expert used different learning methods, such as lecture-type presentations, structured discussions, group work and practice cases, allowing participants to apply the knowledge gained during the course in a wide range of scenarios, immersing themselves in the subject and bridging the gap between theory and practice. The Critical Success Factors (CSFs) of project management were one of the main topics for discussion, with our expert preparing a relevant exercise responding to participants’ interest. Crafted to reflect the modus operandi of the EC and structured on the experience and the extensive know-how of the lecturers, our trainings are developed from the same standpoint as the policies and blueprints of the various funding frameworks, enriched with hints and tips. Reserve your seat for one of our upcoming courses and take your skills to the next level.

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