Distant 2-day Synchronous Seminar and Preparatory Asynchronous Module

This exciting and innovative Stakeholder & Consortium Management training course will focus on the practical and theoretical aspects of engaging with the consortium members, negotiating, communicating & influencing. You will learn how to build an ongoing relationship with people to ensure success in all you do and the essential ingredients of engagement and practical skills in consortium agreement drafting, negotiations, communications, conflict resolution and influencing.

The corner-stone for this course will be the PM2 Methodology, that will provide us with the basic framework to bridge the existing gap between project management and stakeholder/consortium management.

To deliver the expected learning objectives and training experience, a well-orchestrated mixture of synchronous and asynchronous learning methods will be used including lecture-type presentations, structured discussions, simulations and group work.

Finally, the extensive use of case studies will make the training as practical as possible. The workshops will be conducted both online and off-line, using carefully chosen open source collaborative tools.

In total, the training seminar is comprised of:

Two Synchronous modules of eight hours each (16 hours in total)
Preparatory Asynchronous Module