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Proposal Writing | Online 3-5.5.2023

The latest session of our Proposal Writing for Research and Innovation Projects course was conducted online via Zoom between 3 and 5 May 2023, and provided participants with valuable insights and practical tips on how to write successful project proposals. The training was delivered by a professional development planner and evaluator with 35 years of experience, who engaged with a group of diverse professionals from various sectors, including energy, communications, biomedical technology, and social studies.

Despite the varied background of the training group, the expert managed to create a stimulating and engaging learning environment for all participants. While the workshop exercise gravitated towards renewable energy sources due to the dominant representation of attendees from that sector, the trainer encouraged and enabled all participants to contribute to the project proposal discussion. In the end, the group selected a project that allowed for multidisciplinary collaboration and addressed a pressing societal issue.

The course received positive feedback from participants, who demonstrated significant interest and participation through all sessions. Practical tips on structuring proposals, attracting partners, and engaging with funding opportunities proved particularly valuable to attendees.

This course includes everything a good project planner and manager should know in order to first design successful and meaningful projects and then present them in a way that is both understandable by evaluators and convincing. Haven’t reserved your seat yet? Click here to learn more about the course and enrol to the online session of your choice.

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