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PM² Methodology | Online 1-2.6.23

European Academy successfully delivered an engaging online synchronous course on PM² Project Management Methodology for EU Funded Projects. The training was conducted via Zoom from 1 to 2 June 2023, and provided professionals from around the world with essential project management skills tailored to the context of European funded projects.

The online course offered a dynamic learning experience that transcended geographical boundaries. Participants had the opportunity to engage in real-time interactions, discussions, and collaborative exercises, enabling them to develop a deep understanding of the PM² Methodology and its practical application.

The course curriculum covered the fundamental aspects of project management within the EC funded projects framework. Key topics included project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, and closure. Participants learned how to apply the PM² Methodology to ensure project success, navigate project challenges, manage stakeholders effectively, and deliver high-quality results.

The flexibility of the online synchronous course allowed professionals to conveniently access the training from their preferred location, eliminating the need for travel and enabling them to balance their work commitments. The interactive nature of the course, facilitated through virtual breakout sessions, polls, and group discussions, ensured an engaging and enriching learning experience.

To further support participants’ learning journey, European Academy provided comprehensive hard copies of course material sent by courier services to their address, as well as soft copies accessible through the online platform. This will allow participants to revisit the learning resources, reinforce their understanding, and apply the acquired knowledge in their professional practice.

European Academy remains committed to delivering high-quality vocational training in EU Policy and funding, empowering professionals worldwide with the skills and expertise needed to excel in the EU funding project environment.To learn more about the online version of our PM² course, you may visit the relevant page.

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