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PM² Methodology | Rome 22-23.5.23

European Academy successfully completed its in-class course on Management and Coordination of EC Funded Projects; The PM² Methodology in Rome. The course, held at the esteemed DoubleTree by Hilton Rome Monti from 22 to 23 May 2023, equipped participants with invaluable skills and knowledge to effectively manage and coordinate European funded projects.

The two-day course, facilitated by European Academy’s expert trainer, immersed participants in the PM² Methodology—a comprehensive framework specifically designed for managing EC funded projects. Attendees gained insights into the key principles and best practices of project management, enabling them to navigate confidently the complexities of EU project coordination.

Throughout the course, participants engaged in interactive sessions, practical exercises, and case studies that emphasized the practical application of the PM² Methodology. The comprehensive curriculum covered essential project management topics, including project planning, risk management, stakeholder engagement, monitoring and reporting, quality assurance, and project closure.

The course attracted professionals from various sectors seeking to enhance their project management capabilities. Attendees were coming from diverse backgrounds, bringing a rich blend of experiences and perspectives to the training sessions. The course fostered an environment of collaboration and knowledge sharing, allowing participants to learn from both the expert trainer and their peers.

By the end of the course, participants emerged equipped with practical tools and techniques to effectively manage and coordinate European funded projects. They gained a deeper understanding of the PM² Methodology and its application, empowering them to enhance project outcomes and drive successful project delivery.

European Academy continues to be at the forefront of providing comprehensive vocational training in EU Policy and funding, empowering professionals with the skills needed to excel in their roles. To learn more about the Management and Coordination of EC Funded Projects; The PM² Methodology course, click here.

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