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PM² Methodology | Online 14-15.9.23

European Academy has concluded its online training on the “PM² Project Management Methodology for European Funded Projects”. This event, spanning over two days from September 14 to 15, provided a deep dive into the strategic application of PM² for managing European funded initiatives.

Participants from various European countries, including Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Netherlands, Spain, and Sweden, joined the course. These attendees, representing esteemed universities, top-tier research institutions, SMEs, and other key stakeholders, brought diverse experiences and perspectives, enriching the discussions throughout.

The course was expertly guided by Prof. Dr. Danijela Ciric Lalic, renowned in the domain of project management. Under her leadership, attendees not only got a comprehensive understanding of the PM² methodology but also delved into its broader applications. One significant takeaway was the exploration of how PM² can be used beyond the implementation phase. Participants actively discussed its potential in the project proposal design phase, spotlighting its efficacy in streamlining processes and enhancing proposal quality.

A unique feature of this online training was the inclusion of six intensive workshops. These sessions, facilitated through the Miro collaborative board, enabled participants to practically apply the concepts discussed, simulating real-world scenarios and challenges.

European Academy’s dedication to leveraging the latest digital tools ensured that the virtual format did not compromise on the quality and depth of the learning experience. Feedback from participants highlighted the effectiveness of the online format, particularly praising the interactivity facilitated by the Miro platform.

As European Academy continues to advance its mission of driving excellence in professional development, such events underline its commitment to ensuring impactful learning experiences, regardless of format or geographical boundaries.

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