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Proposal Writing | Athens 30-31.3.2023

European Academy’s recent open course on Proposal Writing for Research & Innovation Projects, held in Athens between 30 and 31 March 2023, was a great success. The expert reported that participants were highly engaged and knowledgeable about Horizon, with targeted questions and an exchange of ideas throughout the course.

The workshop exercise also proved fruitful, with constructive discussion and the understanding that proposal writing for Horizon is an iterative process involving different disciplines, which needs to be guided and managed effectively by a central focus point.

Participants left the course feeling satisfied with the information they had received and the opportunity to network with each other. The trainer was also pleased with the group size and the positive outcomes of the course.

The course, designed and developed in line with European policies and blueprints, provides an in-depth understanding of the various funding streams, requirements of the application process, eligibility criteria and more.

Should you wish to learn more about this course, you may click here. Do not miss the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and skills to help you succeed in Horizon proposal writing.

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