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Unlocking Innovation and IP in the Digital Era

A Tailored Training Course Meeting the Exact Needs of the North-East Regional Development Agency

This May, European Academy delivered an exclusive in-house training course on Innovation Management, designed specifically according to the requests of the North-East Regional Development Agency of Romania. Held online via Zoom, this interactive course took place across two segments, from May 20th to 22nd and May 27th to 29th, 2024. With participants from a variety of organisations across the region including regional agencies, universities, and businesses, it facilitated rich engagement and interactive discussions.

Training Group

Professionals from a wide range of institutions such as the Iasi University of Life Sciences, University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Grigore T. Popa” Iași, Vasile Alecsandri University of Bacau, Pro Guidehouse SRL, and the North-East Regional Development Agency participated. This eclectic mix promoted a dynamic exchange of ideas, combining academic rigor with practical business insights.

Expert-Led, Interactive Curriculum

Guided by distinguished experts from the University of Belgrade—Tamara Colic Milosavljevic, Dr. Nedeljko Milosavljević, and Biljana Tošić—the training was anchored in both theory and practical application. The curriculum was structured around three main modules, each blending lectures with intense, practical workshops where attendees applied concepts to real-world scenarios drawn from their professional environments.

Module 1: Development and Validation of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

  • Learning Objectives:
    • Understand the product development process, from ideation to market validation.
    • Learn how to identify viable business ideas by focusing on customer needs
    • Master the Tools and methodologies for making informed decisions based on empirical evidence.
    • Gain knowledge on reducing market risks associated with product development through rigorous testing, validation, and planning

Module 2: Acquisition, Exploitation, and Transfer of Intellectual Property Rights

  • Learning Objectives:
    • Introduction to different types of Intellectual Property Rights
    • Understand the complexities of IP rights, from identification and protection to commercialization
    • Gain knowledge on strategies to exploit intellectual property rights effectively to benefit business and projects
    • Learn how to assess a commercial potential of an innovative product

Module 3: Certification of New Products and Services and Valorisation of Research Results

  • Learning Objectives:
    • Understand the European Union harmonization legislation;
    • Gain knowledge on conformity assessment, conformity assessment processes and the actors and modules of conformity assessment;
    • Understand the need for market surveillance and acquire knowledge on the organization of market surveillance, as well as, market surveillance activities and measures, including the Rapid Alert System for non-food products presenting a risk (RAPEX).
    • Learn how to prepare for IP Licensing Negotiations

Dynamic Workshops and Real-World Applications

Each day featured intensive workshop sessions where participants were allocated into small groups to tackle hands-on projects and exercises. These activities were designed to simulate actual business challenges, allowing participants to apply new knowledge directly to scenarios relevant to their everyday work. This approach not only reinforced learning but also fostered an environment of collaboration among the attendees.

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