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RIS3 ROP | Ploiesti 11-13.06.2019

Between the 11th and the 13th of June, European Academy’s expert team has delivered a 3 days training in Ploiesti, Romania. Intending to improve the quality of RIS3 projects, the course focused on topics such as EU funding and ROP/PA1 and commercialisation. The MA from Bucharest also participated in at least 2 days of that training. Consequently, a lot of interest and a heated discussion in the specifics about the potential Calls for SO 1.1 and 1.2 was provoked. Among others, the course was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration. The audience was really engaged and constantly raised intriguing topics. Participants were particularly interactive and brought up a lot of conversation around EU financing and implementation issues. During the second day, plenty of questions were aroused to our expert, Maria Tikmanidi, concerning mainly the evaluation of project proposals. European Academy’s experts are grateful for the warm welcome and the helpfulness of the Regional Development Agency of South Muntenia, a wonderful hospitality.

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