PM² Methodology | Brussels 16-17.01.2020

Brussels 16-17.01.2020 Our first training course for 2020 on the PM² Project Management Methodology of the European Commission and its implementation on EU-funded projects has just been completed. The course was held once again at Warwick, a centrally located hotel that exceeded our expectations as always. Our experts have particularly enjoyed the commitment and the.

Athens Course European Academy

PM² Methodology | Athens 27-28.06.2019

Athens 27-28.06.2019 We are returning to the cradle of democracy and Philosophy yet again. Athens became our summer destination for the PM² Methodology course as it offers a whole spectrum of activities outside of the training. Regardless the heat, the course proves to be engaging and positively challenging, as the group mix makes participants explore.

RIS3 ROP | Ploiesti 11-13.06.2019

Between the 11th and the 13th of June, European Academy’s expert team has delivered a 3 days training in Ploiesti, Romania. Intending to improve the quality of RIS3 projects, the course focused on topics such as EU funding and ROP/PA1 and commercialisation. The MA from Bucharest also participated in at least 2 days of that.

PM² Methodology | Brussels 27-28.05.2019

Brussels 27-28.05.2019 The European capital in full bloom is an experience not to miss, even more so when blended with our training course on the PM² methodology and its application in EU-funded projects. Our Brussels home – Warwick Hotel, positioned right in the heart of Brussels has hosted the training seamlessly. Letting us indulge in.

Proposal Writing | Brussels 20-21.05.2019

Brussels 20-21.05.2019 Our training course on Proposal Writing for research and innovation projects was hosted once again at Warwick Hotel in Brussels, the European Capital and home to European Commission and many other European Public institutions. This course was attended by representatives from the Ministry of Tourism of Bahamas, who have travelled half the world.

PM² Methodology | Copenhagen 16-17.05.2019

Copenhagen 16-17.05.2019 Our training course regarding the PM² Methodology and its utility on projects funded by the European Commission is now taking place in Copenhagen. Today we also have with us representatives from CNRS and from the African Union Inter-African Bureau for Animal Resources and we feel honored by their recognition. The interaction between the.

SME | Brussels 22-23.05.2019

Brussels 22-23.05.2019 The training course focusing on EC funding opportunities for small-to-medium sized enterprises is now held at Warwick Hotel in Brussels. We are on the second day of our course and we are currently having our lunch break all together, conversing about various topics. Amazing food as always. The weather is very pleasant and.

EA Amsterdam Course

SME | Amsterdam 17-18.04.2019

Amsterdam 17-18.04.2019 The training course on EC funding opportunities for small-to-medium sized enterprises took place at Hilton Double tree and it was once again organised consecutively with our Proposal Writing course. Thus, some course participants had a long anticipated chance to attend both trainings. Our experts were impressed by the active involvement and the dedication.

EA Lisbon Course

PM² Methodology | Lisbon 04-05.04.2019

Lisbon 04-05.04.2019 Our 2-day training on PM² Methodology and its exertion on EU funded projects was held for another time in Lisbon. The course participants of our first visit in the city had enjoyed it so much that we wanted to repeat the experience. Our venue was once again Sheraton Lisboa Hotel and Spa, a.

Impact | Brussels 18-20.02.2019

Brussels 18-20.02.2019 Our training course on the impact of the EU-funded research took place at Warwick Hotel, a luxurious 5 star hotel right in the heart of Brussels and was attended by a representative from publications.europa. All participants were actively involved throughout the training, sharing their experiences and tips, as well as formulating particularly insightful.