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Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca In-House Training Course | Milan 9-10.10.23

Another in-house training programme has been successfuly completed. Held at the Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca in Italy, on October 9th and 10th, this two-day intensive course centered around the Horizon Europe III Pillar, specifically focusing on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Entrepreneurship, and Commercialization strategies.

The training witnessed a diverse group of participants, including academics, researchers, and professionals eager to deepen their understanding of Horizon Europe’s intricacies. Leading the sessions were two renowned experts: Prof. Dr. Danijela Ciric Lalic and Tamara Colic Milosavljevic. Prof. Dr. Ciric Lalic, widely respected in project management, spearheaded the first day, while Tamara Colic Milosavljevic, an authority in IP Technology Transfer and Commercialization, guided the second day’s proceedings.

Day One: Crafting Competitive Horizon Europe Proposals

On the first day, Prof. Dr. Danijela Ciric Lalic shared valuable insights, tips, and strategies for designing Horizon Europe proposals that stand out. Participants delved into the excellence, impact, and implementation sections of proposals, equipping themselves with the expertise needed to craft compelling and competitive submissions.

Day Two: IPR, Technology Transfer, and Commercialization Strategies

The second day, led by Tamara Colic Milosavljevic, was dedicated to exploring Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Technology Transfer, and Commercialization within the Horizon Europe framework. Participants gained in-depth knowledge about protecting intellectual property, transferring technology effectively, and seizing commercialization opportunities.

A distinctive feature of this training was its interactive approach. Participants actively engaged in workshops and practical exercises that simulated real-world scenarios, allowing for the immediate application of knowledge gained during the sessions.

Feedback from participants underscored the high quality of the training program and the expertise of the instructors. Many praised the interactive nature of the sessions and found the content to be enriching and immediately applicable to their work within Horizon Europe projects.

The European Academy’s commitment to delivering impactful learning experiences, regardless of location, was evident through the success of this in-house training at the University of Bicocca. Such initiatives reinforce the European Academy’s dedication to advancing professional development and ensuring that individuals and organizations are well-equipped to excel in the Horizon Europe landscape.

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