You are currently viewing Driving Strategic Digital Transformation in Today’s Rapidly Evolving Landscape: Intensive Customised Training Course and Workshop for the North-East Regional Development Agency

Driving Strategic Digital Transformation in Today’s Rapidly Evolving Landscape: Intensive Customised Training Course and Workshop for the North-East Regional Development Agency

Between 10 and 12 June 2024, European Academy conducted an immersive three-day training titled “Digital Transformation in Practice: Strategic Tools for Business Innovation“. Organised in response to the specific demands of the North-East Regional Development Agency of Romania, the course was attended by interested stakeholders and beneficiaries from the surrounding areas. Hosted at the Warwick Brussels Hotel, the on-site training was meticulously designed to promote deep understanding of the domain and facilitate networking.

Diverse Participant Mix

This course attracted professionals from a wide array of esteemed organisations within the North-East region of Romania, including C&A CONNECT SRL, FORESTCERT CONSULTING SRL, and others. This group fostered a dynamic exchange of ideas, enriching the training with a blend of perspectives that spanned multiple industries. The interaction between participants from different professional backgrounds enhanced the learning environment, merging practical insights with broader business contexts.

Guided by a Highly Experienced Expert

Dr. Bojan Lalić, a renowned Full Professor at the University of Novi Sad and expert in digital transformation and industrial engineering, led the course. His extensive academic and consulting experience across Europe and his roles in major international projects provided a rich foundation for the training. Dr. Lalić’s teaching intertwined theoretical frameworks with his firsthand experiences of implementing digital strategies in diverse industries, making the learning experience both relatable and actionable.

Comprehensive Learning Objectives and Outcomes

The training course was crafted to equip professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary to lead successful digital initiatives and transform business models. The curriculum covered a broad spectrum of topics critical for comprehending and leveraging digital technologies in business:

  • Demystifying Digital Transformation: Participants learned to differentiate between informatisation, digitisation, and digital transformation, understanding their impact across various business domains.
  • Harnessing Customer Networks: The course emphasised the importance of reinventing marketing strategies and creating customer network strategies that engage and add substantial value.
  • Building Platform Business Models: Attendees explored the shift from traditional product-centric approaches to platform models, understanding how to utilise network effects to build competitive platforms.
  • Turning Data into Business Assets: Strategies were discussed to leverage data for decision-making and develop unique value propositions that stand out in the market.
  • Fostering Innovation Through Experimentation: The course facilitated hands-on learning in divergent and convergent experimentation techniques to foster rapid innovation.
  • Adapting Value Propositions: Strategies to evolve business propositions to stay relevant were a key focus, preparing participants to anticipate and adapt to market shifts.

Interactive and Collaborative Learning Experience

Reflecting European Academy’s commitment to practical and engaging education, the course format included numerous interactive sessions, collaborative workshops, and real-world case studies. These elements ensured that participants could apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings, simulating real business challenges. The interactive format not only reinforced learning but also set the framework for collaboration among attendees.

Navigating the Future

The digital landscape is continually evolving, presenting new challenges and opportunities. European Academy is dedicated to staying at the forefront of professional training in digital transformation. Our courses are designed not just to educate but to empower professionals to be pioneers in their fields.

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