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Erasmus+ Proposal Development | Online 17-18.7.23

We are thrilled to share the resounding success of our recent online training course on “Mastering Erasmus+ Proposal Development: From Project Concept to Winning Proposal.” Delivered via Zoom on the 17th and 18th of July 2023, this course brought together a diverse group of 11 participants from various sectors, including universities, vocational education and training (VET) providers, and a research institute.

Tailored Excellence – Meeting Diverse Needs 

Led by Dr. Danijela Ciric Lalic, the course catered to individuals with varying levels of expertise in project management. From newcomers to seasoned professionals with extensive Erasmus+ engagement, the training’s content resonated with all participants. The programme was thoughtfully designed to offer a fresh perspective on proposal design for the Erasmus+ Programme, allowing experienced individuals to glean new insights and novices to grasp fundamental concepts effectively.

Efficiency and Engagement 

Despite the ambitious agenda and the incorporation of seven hands-on workshops, the training maintained an ideal pace, ensuring comprehensive coverage of essential topics within the allocated two days. The expert’s strategic planning and effective organisation created an environment of intensive learning without overwhelming participants. The workshops, conducted through breakout rooms, encouraged collaborative problem-solving and provided valuable breaks from lectures, fostering a dynamic and engaging learning experience.

Unveiling the Formula for Success 

A highlight of the training was the tutor’s innovative approach to simplifying complex aspects of proposal writing. Participants were introduced to a unique “meta-language” or “formula” that demystified challenging components of the application process. This approach not only simplified comprehension, but also empowered participants to navigate these intricacies confidently.

Technological Synergy: Miro Boards 

Harnessing the power of technology, the training incorporated the Miro board platform for collaborative work. This tool facilitated seamless interaction among participants and made complex concepts visual and tangible. 

Inspiring Vision for the Future 

As we look back on this enriching training experience, we extend our gratitude to Dr. Danijela Ciric Lalic for her exceptional guidance and expertise. We are confident that the skills and knowledge acquired by our participants will significantly impact their future endeavors within the Erasmus+ landscape.

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