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Financial Administration | Athens 15-16.6.2023

Another Financial Administration & Auditing Preparation for EC Funded Projects course was held on behalf of European Academy, this time in the vibrant city of Athens, from 15 to 16 June 2023. Once again, the training proved to be an invaluable opportunity for professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge in financial management and auditing within the context of European funded projects.

The two-day course fostered an engaging and interactive learning environment, resulting in a high level of participant interaction and positive feedback. Attendees expressed their satisfaction with the course, contributing to an overall uplifted mood throughout the duration of the training.

The course sessions were filled with thought-provoking questions and enlightening discussions. Participants eagerly sought answers to various topics, leading to valuable insights and a comprehensive understanding of EC funding regulations. New questions that arose during the sessions covered a wide range of subjects, such as calculating and supporting unit access costs for Research Infrastructures, interest-bearing on pre-financing payment for beneficiaries, relocation costs for inter-country moves of researchers, adapting financial reporting to different EC financial frameworks, including hourly rates versus daily rates for different projects (e.g., Horizon, LIFE, ERASMUS), eligibility of one-person companies as personnel costs or subcontracting/service costs, exceptional eligibility of costs before the grant start date for the IPA Programme, coordinator responsibilities, equipment cost inclusion in the cost claim, calculating the Consolidated Financial Statements (CFS) threshold, differentiating between subcontracting and service costs, and effective procurement management.

The enthusiasm and active participation displayed by the attendees underscored the course’s success in providing practical and relevant knowledge to meet the challenges faced by professionals working on the domain.

European Academy remains committed to continually tailoring its training programmes to address the evolving needs of professionals within the field. The positive feedback received from the Athens session further solidifies the organisation’s reputation as a trusted provider of high-quality vocational training in EU Policy and funding.

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