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Impact | Athens 3-4.7.2023

European Academy’s highly anticipated course on “Impact of EC Funded Research” was delivered in Athens from the 3rd to the 4th of July. The training attracted a diverse range of participants, fostering a dynamic learning environment that catered to their unique backgrounds and interests.

The course instructor, expert consultant in Dissemination, Communication and Science Education, expressed satisfaction with the overall progress and active engagement of the participants. Each attendee brought a wealth of knowledge and experience, spanning from natural sciences in academia to corporate innovation firms managing collaborative projects. This diversity breathed life into the course, resulting in dynamic discussions and a personalized learning experience for all involved.

One of the key highlights of the training was the captivating exploration of Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation Plans (CDEPs). Recognizing attendees’ eagerness to gain practical insights, a significant portion of Day 1 was dedicated to showcasing exemplary CDEPs from past projects. Participants were guided on how to craft effective plans, both during the proposal stage and once the project secures funding. The formulation and scoring of the CDEP, along with the composition of the “Impact” section in project proposals, generated extensive discussion and intrigue. The tutor’s guidance on writing techniques, structural elements, and strategies for achieving high-impact scores received substantial attention and praise.

European Academy remains committed to empowering professionals involved in EU-funded projects and enhancing their communication capabilities. By equipping participants with the tools to create effective Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation Plans, we aim to maximize the impact and visibility of research outcomes. Participants can now harness this newfound knowledge to excel as Communication Officers, amplifying the success of their EU-funded projects.

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